Welcome to the 11th Asia Lighting Conference (ALC)

We have provided the opportunities to exchange valuable information among delegates and to foster young lighting engineers in the ALCs for 10 years.

The 11th ALC will be held at Kobe University, Rokko Campus for two days. ALC was formerly known as the Lighting Conference of China, Japan and Korea. The 11th ALC will become the second conference after the title of conference was changed. In the conference whose theme is “The LED age: Challenge from Asia”, we hope the delegates to enthusiastically discuss strategies to perform basic and applied studies on LEDs, which infiltrate various markets in Asian countries.

Asian countries occupy the important positions in lighting engineering. New LED technologies have been developed in many research laboratories in Asia. In addition, countless LED-equipped products are produced in factories there. Asia is expected to send much information on this technology to the world. In the 11th ALC, we will start to issue design awards, and expect lighting and product designers to participate in the conference. We also hope many scientists, engineers and students who are involved in lighting technology to join it as well as submit their manuscripts.

Kobe is an attractive city to visit. It has an international trading port, intriguing buildings and a breathtaking nightscape. Let you enjoy sightseeing there, before and after the conference.

Yoshitaka Kenmotsu
Chair of the 11th Asia Lighting Conference
Representative of SSL Application Technology Center, JAPAN